Krista Schwabe Promotion Service

Note from TAM ~ Krista is a terrific book reviewer and a hard-working promoter.
I recommend her services, and I use them myself.
~ Ellen C. Maze, The Author's Mentor

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Krista Schwabe Promotional Services

Krista Schwabe                                    

Need publicity for your book? Hire me to make Social Media work for YOU!

I accept both hard copies and eBooks for review (please make sure the document is Nook Color compatible):

Document: EPUB (including Non or Adobe DRM), PDF, XLS, DOC

Graphics (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP)


Here is what I can offer you for publicity (FREE)
Post review on and my book Blog ( 
Use of the review however you see fit (on your website, for a future book blurb, etc.) I just ask for proper credit "Krista Schwabe,"

Not on As a GoodReads Librarian I can set you up with a FREE account to reach even more readers!

Promotional Package: Fee of $35 to Paypal *PER BOOK*, I offer the following: 
A link of the review on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal (my accounts) 
Review of your Book posted on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BooksAMillion (and sites YOU desire, ie SmashWords). 
Link of review sent to you and your publisher (email, Twitter, FB, etc) 
Review posted on any of the book clubs I belong to (currently  and 

*Please note* The heart of the review will remain the same on each site. My review will reflect that this was a product given to me for review for FTC policy compliance. 

On my Book Blog: 
Link your review to Amazon for easy ordering to readers 
Link to your website(s) on my Sensational WordSlinger page (link to this page on my sidebar)
Aid in Setting up a shop for up to 5 cover-art products, slogans, book quotes, etc. (tshirts, coffee mugs, etc).  These will be your own designs, and you will maintain control over your shop after creation.


Should you need simple artwork done, that would be an additional fee, to be agreed-upon. This can be for anything such as a slogan on a tshirt, to a web banner. I am able to do minor website work at this time as well. 

I promise you to give you an honest, unbiased review, whether or not you choose the package. That is strictly for promoting your book through my review. I do not guarantee a "positive" review, but do promise that my reviews will be fair and if needed, have constructive criticism. I do not "book bash" --you as an author work too hard and I believe in integrity in my work.  I also assure confidentiality of my clients 100%. No name-dropping here—unless you want it!


Please submit $35 to VIA PAYPAL.