Below: ELLEN READS AN EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER ONE, 3 MINUTES


The Judging

...tells the story of Markus Corescu, a man of the cloth violently transformed into a vampire, in 17th Century Hungary. For over four hundred years, he seeks out and attacks evildoers, convinced that he is doing the will of God. He calls this process, the Judging.

Flash forward to Present Day, when Corescu meets the lovely Hope Brannen who, by her innocence, causes the vampire to rethink his theology. With the additional aid of seminary student Tony Agricola, Corescu will discover the true will of God.

But just because his eyes are opened, does not necessarily mean that his ways are easily changed!

Follow Mark, Tony, and Hope, along with a changing cast of engaging characters, as this exciting four-part journey reaches an unimaginable climax at the close of Book Four, ANATHEMA!




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