I’m using an alias to protect my real-life family and clientele, but anyone seeking the truth will be edified (and probably entertained) by these interviews. I’m writing this blog preface after I’ve conducted five such engagements with members of the Rakum. Essentially, they are a vampiric race created by demonic forces eons ago.


I am Jewish and a Christian (don’t get me started on how that happened!) and I was asked by my church if I would serve as the Church Whole Wellness Counselor (CWWC). I have a private practice in town, but certainly wouldn’t mind adding my mishpocha if needed. I needed supplies for my new office, SO… three months ago, while at the local mall, I literally bumped into one of these men. One thing led to another and read on…


My first blog entry is my conversation with Julio. He arrived on time to my downtown office and didn’t mind that I held a loaded .9 mm semi-automatic pistol in my lap beneath the table. He said one bullet wouldn’t stop him, but two would allow me enough time to get away before he was able to stand. Apparently, they heal very quickly. So let’s begin.


J: You look so harmless… Have you ever done anything mean to anyone? Ever?


Julio’s first words when he sat across from me in the softer of the two chairs. I have two – one has a cushioned seat and back, and the other is rounded and all wood.


Me: I’m sure I have. I used to chase my little sister around the house with a toaster, telling her the plug end would shock her.


He chuckled once, looking down at his hands.


Me: I read The Rabbit by Beth Rider. (He had suggested it when we set up the meeting). So let’s start with that—you were there, at Last Assembly? (Blog readers: read the book, link is attached. Last Assembly is where the author told their entire race about God and they had to choose a side. Apparently, only a few thousand chose God—big surprise, eh?) Julio nodded, still looking down. He’s wearing what you see in the photo. I asked him to wear a shirt if we meet again. It’s more polite, right?

(BLOG ENTRY UPLOADING... will be finished soon...)